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The W Booth School customized learning methodology reflects core subject matter viewed through a market driven, experiential learning lens. Curriculum is structured so that academics converge with learning by practice in real time. Creativity and innovation are nurtured throughout this educational experience.  Program graduates will have a set of technical and professional skills that enable an enhanced range of career choices in tomorrow’s world. 

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Five programs are offered:

Master of Engineering Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Create your own business, while you invest in yourself. Whether you are engaged in original research, launching a business or have been assigned a market opportunity from within an enterprise, we offer an environment designed exclusively for real-time venture creation and education.
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Master of Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Create your own technology-based business, while you invest in yourself.

This program is available to non-engineering or non-science students who embrace creativity and innovation.  Some basic familiarity with technology is expected.
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Master of Engineering Design

Educate innovation leaders in design and development of sustainable society by focusing on sustainable communities, systems and products.
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Master of Engineering and Public Policy

Designed for tomorrow’s engineering leaders who will have an enhanced understanding of the public policy process and its effects on technological, social and ecological systems.
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Master of Engineering in Manufacturing Engineering

McMaster's Master of Manufacturing Engineering program (MEME) is aimed at highly motivated students seeking advanced training in the broad area of Manufacturing. The program is open to domestic and international students with a 4-year baccalaureate in Engineering or equivalent. McMaster students in either the B.Eng or B.Tech undergraduate degree programs may choose to accelerate their graduate studies by taking up to two courses in their final year that may be counted towards the M.Eng. Throughout the program, students will gain industrial experience and intellectual flexibility. At the end of this program, students will graduate with an M.Eng degree in Manufacturing Engineering.
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Statement from PEO Ontario on recognition for our program's experience:

"Based on information received from PEO, graduates of the Master of Engineering Design and Master of Engineering Entrepreneurship and Innovation programs normally qualify for 12 month experience credit when applying for registration as a Professional Engineer in the province of Ontario. Graduates of the Master of Engineering and Public Policy program will need to have their specific research project and courses reviewed by PEO staff to determine whether or not they qualify for the 12 month experience credit."