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Why W Booth?

The W Booth School of Engineering Practice and Technology at McMaster University offers professional graduate degree programs that guide students through an innovative process which enables them to make meaningful, creative contributions to local and global communities. Graduates of our Engineering Design, Engineering Entrepreneurship and Innovation or Engineering and Public Policy master's programs develop skills as practicing professionals through working on complex, multi-stakeholders problems involving elements of technology, business, and public policy.

Driven by a desire to discover, define and deliver solutions to important societal problems, W Booth students combine a passion for helping people with a practical ability to create innovative change. Guided by community mentors, technical and business advisors as well as dedicated, experienced faculty, our students benefit from a model of learning by doing, not just from in-class lectures as they progress through their programs. Entrepreneurship and Innovation students earn a master's degree while building a business enterprise from the 'ground up' and graduate ready to launch into the world of start-ups or as intrapreneurs working inside larger companies.

The W Booth School's philosophy is founded on four pillars: Innovation, Leadership, Community-Engagement, and Sustainability.



Our students experience an in-depth creative process, which is designed to enrich their understanding and problem solving capabilities. Our students are given responsibility to choose their teams and an Innovation Challenge.

The ultimate deliverable must meet the needs of stakeholders, propose a real world implementation plan and consider organizational, business, regulatory, and policy constraints. Innovation Studio meets on a regular basis and involves a mixture of time to explore ideas, analyze new knowledge, network, and interact with experts and community members.


W Booth students work continually with stakeholders to propose a wide range of solutions which include changes to policy, training, onsite data collection and residential education, consulting with the industry, student teams select a possible solution for further work.

"These students are making the most of an exceptional career development opportunity. They're working on a site-specific project while contributing to a highly complex regional initiative. It's a perfect example of engineering leadership in practice," says Dr. Dustin Garrick, a W Booth professor and student-team supervisor.

Community Engagement

The W Booth School graduate programs consider community engagement as the heart of the what we do and who we are. Community engagement means both learning from community and serving our community. Students at the W Booth School immerse themselves in local community to build relationships with clients and mentors and to learn about the needs of stakeholders. Working with stakeholders W Booth School students explore new ideas with the aim of benefiting the community.

The challenges students pursue are diverse, they include truck driver fatigue, perioperative child anxiety, business process improvement in collision repair centres, and sustainable lighting for city streets. Outcomes are varied from prototypes, patents, and policies to new enterprises, all created through continued interaction with international and local communities.


"The future will be green, or not at all. This truth lies at the heart of humankind's most pressing challenge: to learn to live in harmony with the Earth on a genuinely sustainable basis." -Sir Jonathan Porritt

The intersection of the environment with all aspects of business, society, and the economy is here to stay. In the 21st century, sustainable action, innovation, and policy will shape every major decision made by both public and private companies.

Learn the skills and acquire the experience through the McMaster Public Policy program to enact change and strengthen the link between sustainability and our ever changing world.