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Welcome to the W Booth School!

Congratulations on your admission to the W Booth School of Engineering Practice! You will be joining a professional and intelligent community leaders who will transform the world. As a student of the W Booth School you will earn your degree while engaging the community, developing human-focused solutions to society's greatest needs. Your time to become an innovative leader is now!

This page may serve as a convenient reference to all the important requirements and responsibilities for becoming a W Booth student.

Activating your MAC IDRegister for Courses
Dates and DeadlinesGrade Requirements
Academic ResponsibilitiesTuition and Financial Aid
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Activating your MAC ID

Your MAC ID is a unique, common identifier enabling you to sign-in to a number of McMaster systems and applications. Your MAC ID is not your student number. It can be activated at https://applicants.mcmaster.ca, using your McMaster Student Number and your Barcode Number, which can both be found in your acknowledgement email.

Your MAC ID must be activated before you are able to sign-in to services such as McMaster Email or MOSAIC (the system used to register for classes).


Register for Courses

Course registration at McMaster University is done through the MOSAIC system found at https://mosaic.mcmaster.ca. The process can be broken down into two components: planning and enrollment. The Office of the Registrar offers the following guides to help students in each step:

Enrolment Planning on Mosaic (Text Guide)
Enrolment on Mosaic (Text Guide)


Dates and Deadlines

These are the official sessional dates for the upcoming academic year, 2015/2016. They are set by the School of Graduate Studies in consultation with the Registrar's Office.

  Sept.- Dec., 2015
Sept. - Oct., 2015 (1HF)
Nov. - Dec., 2015 (2HF)
Jan. - April, 2016
Jan. - Feb., 2016 (1HF)
March - April, 2016 (2HF)
May - August, 2016


On-Time Registration Tuesday, July 28 to
Friday, August 14
Thursday, December 3 to
Thursday, December 17
Thursday, April 7 to
Thursday, April 21
Class Start Dates * Classes begin after September 3, 2015 - check with program for details Classes begin after  January 4, 2016 - check with program for details Class start dates vary - check with program for details
Late Registration Saturday, August 15 to
Monday, September 14
Friday, December 18 to
Monday, January 4
Friday, April 22 to
Monday, May 2
Final Dates to Add Courses:
  Full Courses  Friday, September 25    
  Half Courses or Quarter Courses (1HF) Friday, September 25  Friday, January 22 Friday, May 20
  Quarter Courses (2HF) Friday, October 30 Friday, March 4  
Final Dates to Drop Courses: **
  Full Courses Friday, January 8    
  Half Courses Friday, October 9 Friday, February 5 Friday, June 10
  Quarter Courses (1HF) Thursday, September 24 Friday, January 22  
  Quarter Courses (2HF) Friday, November 6 Friday, March 11  
Final Dates to Submit Grades:
  Full Courses   Monday, April 25  
  Half Courses Monday, January 4 Monday, April 25 Friday, August 26
  Quarter Courses (1HF) Friday, October 30 Friday, March 4  
  Quarter Courses (2HF) Monday, January 4 Monday, April 25  
Final Date to Submit Results of Incomplete (INC) Grades for Previous Term with Permission of Associate Dean

Friday, March 11

Friday, July 8

Friday, November 11

* There is no official fall break or reading week for graduate students (except MBA). Students should check with their program and their course instructor(s) as to whether classes will be held during these periods. Please see sections 1.3 (Responsibilities of Graduate Students to the University)  and 2.5.6 (Vacations)  of the calendar for more information. 

** All courses on a student’s record after these dates will require a grade. Exceptions require submission of a Petition for Special Consideration 


For a complete calendar, visit the School of Graduate Studies Graduate Calendar.


Grade Requirements

Grades in graduate courses are reported as letter grades. However, instructors may record grades for individual components of the course either as letter or numerical grades. The averaging of letter grades assigned to individual components of a course must be done by using the McMaster 12-point scale, as follows:

Further, all .5 marks should be rounded up. The passing grades for courses at the graduate level are A+, A, A-, B+, B, and B-.

Graduate students enrolled in undergraduate courses will be subject to same set of passing grades as courses at the graduate level.

Grade Equivalent Grade Point Equivalent Percentages
A+ 12 90-100
A 11 85-89
A- 10 80-84
B+ 9 77-79
B 8 73-76
B- 7 70-72
C+ 6 67-69
C 5 63-66
C- 4 60-62
D+ 3 57-59
D 2 53-56
D- 1 50-52
F 0 0-49 -- Failure


Your Academic Responsibilities

As a graduate student of McMaster University, you are responsible for:

  • Activating your MAC ID and registering for classes before the deadline
  • Paying tuition and all supplementary fees
  • Becoming familiar with the sessional dates for the academic year and respecting university regulations
  • Fulfilling any supplementary requirements or paperwork for your specific program


The School of Graduate Studies (SGS) is the definitive policy maker and resource for all students at the W Booth School. Their website provides all the content listed here as well as the policies and procedures for W Booth School programs, including course listings and descriptions. If you need clarification on program requirements or require more details, please refer to the Graduate Calendar provided by the School of Graduate Studies. Additionally, their website offers many services which may be of use to you as a new graduate student.

Graduate Calendar

School of Graduate Studies


Tuition, Fees, and Financial Aid

For your convenience you will find the financial information for each program in the following PDF documents:

M. Eng Design
M.Eng Entrepreneurship & Innovation
M. Tech Entrepreneurship & Innovation
M.Eng and Public Policy


M. Eng Manufacturing Engineering

Universal Health Insurance Plan - (UHIP) for International Students

For students in need of financial aid, the W Booth School offers entrance scholarships valued at $6,000 each. The scholarships page can be found here:

Additionally, McMaster University offers several services for students with financial need. For more information, visit the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships (SFAS) at http://sfas.mcmaster.ca/


Parking and Housing

For students wishing to commute via private transportation or carpool, the University offers several parking lots as well as shuttle services between parking lots and campus. If you are interested in purchasing a parking permit, visit Parking Services http://parking.mcmaster.ca/for pricing and application details.

For students needing housing in Hamilton, the McMaster Off-Campus Resource Centre (OCRC) offers to help students find affordable and suitable housing. Their website can be found at https://macoffcampus.mcmaster.ca/


Stay Connected with the W Booth School

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