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About the Master of Engineering Manufacturing Engineering Program


  • The M. Eng. ~ Manufacturing Engineering program is aimed at technology-oriented students seeking advanced technical education and training in smart manufacturing
  • Open to domestic and international students with a four-year baccalaureate in engineering or equivalent
  • McMaster University students in either the B. Eng or B. Tech undergraduate degree programs may choose to accelerate completion of their graduate studies by taking up to two courses in their final year that may be counted towards an M. Eng. degree
  • Throughout the program, students will gain industry insights, intellectual flexibility and hands-on experience. Students will graduate with an M. Eng ~ Manufacturing Engineering

Program Features

  • Interesting and challenging courses focused on smart manufacturing in the factory of the future
  • May be done on a full-time or part-time basis
  • Acceleration of two approved 400/600 level courses during undergrad at McMaster University count toward your master’s degree
  • Master's degree with only one additional year of study after a B. Eng. degree or B-Tech diploma at McMaster University

Curriculum Components

  • Core technical courses that provide expert skills and knowledge in targeted areas related to smart manufacturing
  • Elective courses that allow students to acquire broader expertise in technical areas central to their studies
  • OPTIONAL: A concurrent 4-6 month, multi-disciplinary project with industry at the graduate level; project must help solve a complex problem requiring synthesis of knowledge from several disciplines and ideally time in an industrial setting

Enrolment Requirements

  • Open to Level 3 students in the regular Chemical, Materials and Mechanical Engineering programs, and Level 4 students in the Management and Society programs in these departments
  • A GPA of 8.0 or greater, between Level 2 and the enrolment year (or permission of the faculty) is required
  • Once enrolled, grade levels must be maintained for the duration of the undergraduate program (i.e., level 4 and/or 5)
  • To enroll, students must contact the Program Director in Term 1 of the eligible enrolment year
  • Two start dates: September and January

Course Requirements

  • 24 units = 8 courses or 6 courses with a project with industry
  • For students graduating from a Bachelor of Engineering undergraduate program at McMaster University: Four additional 700-level courses selected from approved list
  • For students graduating from a Bachelor of Technology undergraduate program at McMaster University: Two 600-level and four 700-level courses selected from approved list
  • For students entering with an undergraduate degree from another university: Two 600-level and Four 700-level courses selected from approved list
  • All full-time students must successfully complete Practitioner’s Forum SEP 771 (0 units) — a W Booth School seminar series aimed at knowledge development, networking and community building
  • CLICK HERE to view approved list of courses for M. Eng. ~ Manufacturing Engineering

Optional Project with Industry | MANUF 701

  • Represents a 6-unit course toward a M. Eng. ~ Manufacturing Engineering
  • The project will be quickly established at the start of the year based on a topic agreed upon between the company, student and faculty supervisor
  • Projects will focus on smart manufacturing related topics, such as troubleshooting, optimization, standardization of practices, for example
  • Supervisors from McMaster University and industry will be co-assigned to provide guidance throughout the duration of the project
  • Students have a full year to complete their project with the target date coinciding with the completion of course work after the first 8 months
  • For part-time studies, progress through the program will take longer

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