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The W Booth School of Engineering Practice and Technology, based out of McMaster University, welcomes students from all over the world into our graduate degree programs. A large percentage of our annual cohort comes from abroad to study in Canada with us. If you are an international student interested in applying for one of our master's programs, this page will provide you with the essential information you need to be a successful applicant to our programs.

Choosing a program that is right for you

We offer five Master's degrees, each with its own unique learning structure and expert guidance from McMaster University professors.

Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (in either Engineering or Technology)>>
The Entrepreneurship and Innovation stream offers two degrees, the first being the Masters of Engineering Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MEEI), which is aimed at students with an undergraduate degree in engineering or a related field. The second possible degree in this stream is the Masters of Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MTEI), which is for students with a background which is not in engineering.

Master of Engineering Design>>
The goal of this program is to provide its participants with the knowledge and skills required to be a leader in a technically oriented organization. The program significantly enhances the product design capabilities, as well as the leadership and management skills, of its participants. Strong emphasis on solving engineering problems from industrial practice is accomplished via industry originated projects, as well as solving real world design problems, accomplished via industry-originated projects.

Master of Engineering Public Policy >>
The Master of Engineering and Public Policy (MEPP) program is designed for tomorrow's science and engineering leaders who will have an enhanced understanding of the public policy process and its effects on technological, social and ecological systems.

Master of Engineering in Manufacturing Engineering>>
The Manufacturing Engineering program (MEME) is aimed at highly motivated students seeking advanced training in the broad area of Manufacturing. The program is open to domestic and international students with a 4-year baccalaureate in Engineering or equivalent. McMaster students in either the B.Eng or B.Tech undergraduate degree programs may choose to accelerate their graduate studies by taking up to two courses in their final year that may be counted towards the M.Eng. Throughout the program, students will gain industrial experience and intellectual flexibility. At the end of this program, students will graduate with an M.Eng degree in Manufacturing Engineering.


Application Guide

Applications from outside of Canada should be completed at least five months before the desired date of entry, to allow for any delays and for obtaining the necessary visa. Applications for graduate studies at McMaster University has become combined with the same system used to register for classes, in an attempt to streamline the process. The following guide will help you set up an account with the MOSAIC system and apply for one of the W Booth School programs: https://graduate.mcmaster.ca/academic-services/how-apply


Course Registration Guide

Registration for courses at McMaster University has recently changed in order to make the process easier and faster for students. Registration consist of two parts; planning and enrolling. Click below for a detailed guide on the registering for classes once you have been admitted into the W Booth School. http://registrar.mcmaster.ca/enrol/steps/plan/


Adjusting to Life in Canada as an International Student

Coming to Canada in order to pursue a graduate degree can be highly rewarding, however adjusting to life in Canada can be difficult for some students at first. At McMaster University we offer many services and guides for students to put them at ease and help them integrate into our community.

International Student Services

At McMaster University, International Student Services is an entire department dedicated to services and guides for international students who wish to study at McMaster. Their website can be found at https://iss.mcmaster.ca

Alone in Canada?

Many students travel to Canada for study, but without family or friends. The Canadian government has created a guide on living alone in Canada, titled "21 ways to make it better". In it you can find helpful hints on ways to become part of the community and connect with others. The complete guide can be found here>>

The guide is available in 21 different languages, here:

Amharic Arabic Bengali Chinese
Dari English Farsi French
Hindi Korean Portuguese (Brazilian) Punjabi
Russian Serbian Somali Spanish
Tagalog Tamil Twi Urdu



If you have any questions about the W Booth School and the programs we offer, please contact us at wbooth@mcmaster.ca.

If you require assistance with your application process in Mosaic, you may contact our Graduate Administrative Assistant:

Dulcie Amaral
(905) 525-9140, ext. 26401

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