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As a student in the W Booth School, you have the privileged access to several resources:


The W Booth Entrepreneurship and Innovation program works with aspiring entrepreneurs to commercialize technologies and create their own start-ups. The program uses an industry-proven commercialization model to help create viable start-up businesses, allowing young entrepreneurs to develop their venture skills through working on solving real-customer problems.

The Master of Engineering Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MEEI) and Master of Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MTEI) programs use a phase and gate commercialization process called the Enterprise Project Development (Tollgate) Process. The Enterprise Project Development (Tollgate) Process is similar to processes used in industry for new product development or new business creation. The idea is to manage the risks and the resources while you are establishing your business.

For tollgate process, click Tollgate Process.

Funding Pitch Presentation Template:

For POC presentation template, click Project Merit Funding Process

Mentor Toolkits:

Business mentors and Technical mentors make an important contribution to our program and ultimately to the success of the entrepreneurial students in the program. Every student is provided with a business mentor, a technical mentor, a business development officer and an enterprise supervisor. These people represent the student advisory committee that assist them as they take their idea from concept to the market place. Download the following PDFs here:

Business Mentor Toolkit

Technical Mentor Toolkit

All mentors need to sign the mentor non-disclosure agreement. For NDA Form, click Mentor NDA Form