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Master's Degree in Engineering Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MEEI)

Anyone holding an engineering, technology or science degree who meets eligibility criteria can enroll in the Master's of Engineering Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MEEI) degree program. This popular program has seen entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs pursue the development of their own technology-based business ideas or those of the company for whom they work.

Master's Degree in Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MTEI)

A Master's of Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MTEI) degree program has been developed for university graduates in honours programs outside of engineering and science. It's a unique program involving entrepreneurship teams that draw expertise from all disciplines to develop start-up plans for technology-based businesses.

The Enterprise Project

Student work in the program will be focused on the development of an enterprise project. The project combines technical engineering skills with the application of business concepts and tools that you learn in the program modules (courses). The Enterprise Project runs throughout the entire study period. It results in a business and technical plan for new products or services, outlining the way to commercialization.

There are three major sources of enterprise projects for students to select from:

  • University engineering or science faculty sponsors who wish to see their research ideas commercialized from within the MEEI/MTEI program.
  • Private or Public Sector Sponsors who wish to see their ideas and/or intellectual property commercially developed through the program prior to making large investments.
  • Entrepreneur's own novel engineering concepts and ideas, nurtured by a deeper understanding of the fundamentals related to the invention. In this case, you will identify the product or service area in which you intend to work based on your technical training, and interests.

With the mentoring and coaching of an Advisory Board students will live the experience of creating a new business. This practical implementation of technical and business skills will provide them with an unparalleled personal development opportunity that will also advance their ideas from concept to commercial reality.