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Quick Fact Sheet

Master of Engineering and Public Policy (MEPP)

Full-time: 12 months (3 terms)
Part-time: 28 months (7 terms)

Start: September or January

Application: Apply Online

Prior degree:
Engineering or science

Tuition & Fees (2017-2018 fees):
Canadian: $18,288.00 CAD ($6,096 per term)
International: $26,921.37 ($8,973.79 per term)

W Booth School Leadership Excellence Awards @ $6,000

TOEFL: required for international students.

Location: Hamilton, Ontario

Master of Engineering and Public Policy

Educating Policy Professionals for a Complex World

Apply your Engineering Mindset to Policy Making

  • This program responds to the growing demand for policy professionals with backgrounds in engineering, science and technology
  • Organizations in every sector — including business, government and not-for-profit — create and respond to policies that manage complex relationships between people, technology and society
  • Many exciting employment opportunities await graduates of our policy program — see “Where You Could Work” below

Tackle a Burning Policy Issue that Excites You:

  • Manufacturing in a Low Carbon Economy
  • Quality Healthcare in the Digital Age
  • Smart City Infrastructure ~ energy, water, transportation
  • Chemical Management
  • Paving the Way for Autonomous Vehicles
  • And others …

Why You Should Enrol

  • Access to potential internship placements for policy students if available
  • Government and business need people who can speak “each other’s language” and facilitate relationships
  • The public sector expenses account for approximately 1/3 of the GDP
  • Build your professional network

What You Will Do in the Program

  • Engage with stakeholders from multiple sectors to identify needs
  • Create policy solutions for key decision makers
  • Develop research, analytical and communication skills required in the policy profession

What You Will Learn

  • Theory and practice in how to formulate, implement and evaluate policies in collaborative settings
  • Real world insights on policy making in business, government (municipal, provincial/state, federal) and not-for-profits
  • The role of policy professionals in the decision-making process

What You Will Take Away

  • Skills to collaborate effectively across business, government and community
  • Competencies to initiate and drive evidence-based policy solutions
  • A network of professional contacts

Where You Could Work


  • Create policies and guidelines to achieve corporate goals and objectives
  • Help company leaders understand and respond to changes in government policies and regulations ~ local, provincial/state, federal and international
  • Engage with government agencies to secure available funding
  • Work proactively with external regulators to inform and influence policies

And other contributions …

Consulting Firms

  • Help clients ― public and private sector ― research, develop and implement policies
  • Execute programs to shape public opinion and policies
  • And other contributions …


  • Create effective policies that respond to public needs
  • Inform and advise officials ― elected, non-elected — on policy-related matters
  • Contribute to the creation and rehabilitation of valuable public assets ~ built and natural
  • And other contributions …


  • Engage business and government to co-develop evidence-based policies in support of a cause
  • Use policy insights to build awareness and raise funds
  • And other contributions …