This centre opens a new stream for engineers and applied scientists with the potential to stimulate innovative public policy and new technology leading to a more sustainable future
Dr. Gail Krantzberg

Dr. Krantzberg is Professor and Director of the Centre for Engineering and Public Policy offering Canada's first Master's Degree in Engineering and Public Policy. Gail completed her M.Sc. and Ph.D. at the University of Toronto in environmental science and freshwater management, particularly focused on understanding how contaminants affect aquatic life with the intent of finding appropriate restorative solutions. In her former life, she worked for the Ontario Ministry of Environment as Coordinator of Great Lakes clean up plans (Remedial Action Plans) and rose to the position of Senior Policy Advisor on Great Lakes. She is a past president of the International Association of Great Lakes Research and has served on numerous Boards of Directors and working groups of Great Lakes related institutions, including the position of Director of the Great Lakes Regional Office of the International Joint Commission.

She has authored more than 150 scientific and policy articles on issues pertaining to ecosystem quality and sustainability end enjoys addressing youth and experts ranging from scientists, politicians, seniors, environmental groups and others, and conveys here messages directed at sustainable solutions to these sectors and the media.

Gail is an avid photographer and gardeners, and must find time to connect from her canoe in the peace of ecological balance.