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The curriculum has four main components:

1. Core courses that provide the content and methodological skills necessary for understanding and analyzing societal issues for which engineering and science can contribute to public policy solutions;

2. Focus elective courses that allow students to deepen their knowledge of a range of engineering, science and social science applications;

3 The completion of a substantive research paper on a problem at the interface of engineering, science and public policy;

4. Attendance and participation at an intensive workshop/seminar week on engineering and public policy.

Research Project - Inquiry/Thesis in Engineering and Public Policy

Students select a research topic at the interface of engineering, science and public policy which is of interest to them and carries out inquiry-driven research; completes a formal research paper and prepares to publish their results for broad dissemination.

Candidates for the MEPP degree will follow a program consisting of the following:

Required Courses

Four half-courses:

  • SEP 701 / Theory and Practice of Policy Analysis: Frameworks and Models
  • SEP 702 / Systems Engineering and Public Policy
  • SEP 709 / Emerging Issues, Technology and Public Policy
  • SEP 773 / Leadership for Innovation


Additional Program Requirements

  • SEP 771 / W Booth School of Engineering Practice Practitioner's Forum (Full-time students only)
  • SEP 772 / Innovation Studio


Focus Elective Courses

Three half-courses are required for electives. Students may select from the following options:

  • SEP 6I03 / Sustainable Manufacturing Processes
  • SEP 6X03 / The Regeneration Imperative: Liveable Cities Revitalization of Built and Natural Assets
  • SEP 705 / Green Engineering, Sustainability and Public Policy
  • SEP 706 / Energy and Public Policy
  • SEP 707 / Communication Technology and Public Policy
  • SEP 708 / Special Topics in Engineering and Public Policy
  • SEP 710 / International Governance and Environmental Sustainability
  • POL SCI 784 / Quantitative Political and Policy Analysis
  • POL SCI 785 / Public Sector Management
  • POL SCI 786 / Organizational Theory and the Public Sector
  • POL SCI 790 / The Politics of Economic Policy in Market Economies
  • Other courses from within the Faculty of Engineering or other Faculties with supervisor approval


Additional Courses

Up to two graduate engineering half courses from departments within the Faculty of Engineering Other courses in other departments and Faculties with approval of the Director of the program.

Workshop Week

Each cohort of MEPP students will attend a workshop/seminar week. The purpose is to explore with intensity topic matters for which a full course is not possible, either due to logistics or due to the nature of the topic. These topics span a wide range of societal matters, from contemporary political debates, law reform, new directions in the concept of deep sustainability, disruptive technologies and policy lags, to name a few. The workshop week takes place during May each year and is mandatory and incredibly engaging.

MEPP Handbook

In the MEPP Handbook, you will find information about such orientation topics as:

  • Important Terminology
  • Inquiry Guidelines and Logistics
  • About the Government of Canada and Public Policy