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Product Design: Collapsible Intermodal shipping container

Container abandonment is an issue for anywhere there is a trade imbalance. A new container costs $8,000 versus $15,000 to ship an empty container. Students designed a collapsible container which could be reduced to a quarter of its traditional height, reducing shipping costs by approximately 75%. See a full project description.

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Sustainable Community Infrastructure: Community-based Power Sharing

Using diesel fuel for electricity comes at a high cost ($0.8/kWh - $3.0/kWh in off-grid communities of northern Ontario), and Deer Lake First Nations has very limited access. A distributed and decentralized wind power generation system could provide residents with more autonomy and user influence through collaborative consumption. See a full project description.

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Production Systems: Latent Variable Models of an Industrial Atmospheric Distillation Tower

Sponsored by British Petroleum

Students developed linear models of an atmospheric distillation tower for inferential prediction of feed and product qualities, optimization of the operation and production planning and scheduled using latent variable methods like principle component analysis (PCA) and partial least squares (PLS). See a full project description.

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HatchInternational Finance Corporation
GE Canada imagination at work

Powersmiths Praxair
The Engineering Design program enables small and medium size companies to harness the creativity and expertise of its Master's students and McMaster professors through joint projects. Our joint work has led to a new product design and to significant productivity improvements at Verduyn Tarps.
Lloyd Verduyn, President, Verduyn Tarps

The companies listed here are just a small sampling of the organizations in which our students have played a significant role.