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About the MED Program

Innovative new designs and the ability to improve performance of existing systems have become a basis for a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Performance, environmental sustainability, safety, usability, desirability, viability and efficiency are integral parts of the requirements in the design of industrial products, healthcare products, large-scale systems, or software solutions. Within this complex set of constraints, successful engineers and engineering managers must be able to lead transformation of an idea to a complete design by working in interdisciplinary teams. The Master of Engineering Design program provides its participants with technical expertise and leadership capabilities required to invent novel solutions and to lead technically oriented organizations. Strong emphasis on solving engineering problems from industrial practice is accomplished via industrial motivated and supported projects.

The M.Eng. Design program emphasizes development of competencies in:

  • Leadership, collaboration, and management skills to lead diverse teams.
  • Design thinking and innovations methodologies
  • Engineering disciplines leading to breakthrough design and operation of systems in:
    • Sustainable community infrastructure (renewable energy systems, environmental systems, sustainable products and systems design, local economy)
    • Process industries (refining, chemicals, specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals, power, oil and gas production, and similar)
    • Manufacturing of industrial and consumer products
    • Health, wellness and aging device and software solutions