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Current Research Thrusts

The AMG participation in the 3rd annual Reseau Quebec-3D Conference 2017. Morteza Narvan is explaining the benefits of 3D manufacturing in the automotive industry to one of our booth vistiors.

Research in the AMG is structured into five research thrusts which span a variety of interrelated areas within the AM field.

These research thrusts include:

Design for AM: focuses on the development of integrated design methodologies linking AM process characteristics, part functionality, component features, and topology optimization to fully capture the novel disruptive potential of AM.

Multi-Scale Modelling and Simulation: focuses on the development of process models that can be used for modeling and simulating heating, melting, deposition, and solidification of materials during AM processes.

Tailored Materials for AM: focuses on the development of new multiple materials with adapted functionality, allowing for new AM advances. These materials can improve the AM technology by optimizing the mechanical properties of the part components or providing additional functions to the final part.

In-Process Monitoring and Control: focuses on the development of in-process monitoring, sensing, and closed-loop control strategies that enhance the process repeatability and product consistency. Included in this thrust is a process-structure-property relationship to identify the interaction between the AM process dynamics and the response of the deposited material.

Metal Hybrid Manufacturing: includes the integration of additive and subtractive manufacturing processes into a single workstation, allowing the AM of metal parts with machining accuracy and surface finish.